Biffco's Swing Trading Setup


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Hi all,

Sorry this took so long, but ya gotta live life right? My setup is super simple, but it requires mountains of patience. Nobody will believe me, but I'll say it: "I have a 97% win rate on this system". There, I said it, haha... Here is the setup.

Btw, I wasn't sure where to post this. This setup uses both the Forex Trend Matrix (formerly Forex Speed Meter - 4X Edge/4xlounge) and the Currency Matrix (formerly Forex Barometer Dashboard - 4X Edge/4xlounge). I do believe the updated versions work better. So far I have a 100% win rate with the TradeVision versions. For what it's worth...

1. I only trade USD pairs. It might work with other pairs, but I cannot verify.
2. Currency Matrix Dashboard - I wait for a currency to max out (reach +/- 100)
3. Forex Trend Matrix - Then I check the 1-hour values on the related pairs (i.e., if the CHF is maxed out, I look at the USDCHF, if the USD is maxed out, there are several pairs to check). When the Forex Trend Matrix 1-hour value reaches +/- 100, I trade in the opposite direction.
4. Stop and Limit - I set my Stop @ 1x the 4-hour ATR. I set my limit @ 1.7x the 4-hour ATR and move my stop to BE after 10-15 pips (about 1x the 1-hour ATR).
5. News - I usually kill my trades before major news like NFP, Central Banks, etc...

I find 4 to 20 trades per week. It varies greatly, but this system has made me more money than any other system.

WARNING - Do NOT enter early. If the setup occurs shortly after a news event like NFP, give it an extra little "push" before entering or just don't trade. After you watch a few of these, you'll completely understand.


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Thanks for the system. I have a question. When you wait for the currency matrix dashboard to reach + or - 100 for a certain currency are you looking at the day trader, swing trader or one particular section of the currency matrix dashboard. Thanks again.