Counter Trend trading, scalping small targets and flipping $150 into $100k

Hey guys,

So after a lot of experience using these tools in my main account, I decided to open a small account and see how far i could get by doing the generally not advisable thing of full leveraging and basically having the account's balance as the stop loss. Since the account was only $150 (real money, not demo), it wasn't a big deal at first if i blew it and was more of a fun experiment.

The scalping matrix as a tool is meant to be used for counter trading, so of course that was the approach used for this strat. Since using the tools so much i basically can only trade in this way and i feel wrong longing something at the top hoping it's gonna keep going up or shorting at the bottom hoping it's gonna keep going down. Been burned before as I think all of us have at some point longing tops or shorting bottoms and it's not a good feeling.

Then, to start off, this is how it went:

Screen Shot 2021-03-31 at 01.51.06.png

A good start. Now, you might note that instead of going for one single position (so called "sniper entry"), what I did is short something at what I considered to be resistance that it would respect. And then, in case there was enough volume to push through this resistance, I waited to open another, larger, position at a better price, with the expectation that price would come down, at the very least to test the previous top which was the initial entry. This isn't a guaranteed thing to happen and is dependent on several factors, like the structure the Price Action is creating, the time of the hour, the sessions open, the currencies you're trading, whether news came out and so on.

Key to this is of course the tools this website provides. The highest probability trades would always be the ones triggering 9.9 PTBs (or the rare GTVs). If PTB is triggered right when price is at major supply/demand zones then it would usually have an instant reaction and provide a high probability 5-10 pip scalp. If PTB is triggered, doesn't reset and price keeps pushing beyond the usually respected zone, then it is important to have the margin to short/long at better prices. A bigger retrace at that point becomes basically certain and so an entry at the best price beyond the range is required so that the best position turned the whole trade in profit. This meant sometimes my first entry would be a loss, but overall the trade was profitable. Having more than one entry became pretty important rather than relying on one single sniper entry. When the market heats up and price runs away from the range, if price doesn't come back then you are trapped and either hold hoping it will give you an exit or watch as price bounces and continues to run away after the retrace happened outside the range.

Then, next the account milestone of 1k:
Screen Shot 2021-03-31 at 01.51.19.png

And then 10k:
Screen Shot 2021-03-31 at 01.51.40.png

This is how a trade looks on the chart:
Screen Shot 2021-03-31 at 01.57.59.png
It's going up! I'm not longing on a big green candle, i'm shorting it.

But then you look at where price went next and wonder, but you missed out on so many pips! Yeah but price could also have easily reversed back the other way. It is never good to expect that price will keep going your way when scalping (especially high leveraging) and you have to be ready to get out lest your profitable trade becomes a loss.

Then 50k:
Screen Shot 2021-03-31 at 01.59.24.png

And 100k:
Screen Shot 2021-03-31 at 01.59.48.png

I wasn't expecting this to go that far but it was interesting. The Scalping Matrix is a gold mine of trades after you learn how to use it. Unless the market really heats up and price does some ridiculous overextending shit (which can lead to a GTV triggering) then the 9.9 PTBs basically tell you where the wick of a 15 minute candle is gonna be. There are usually 3 scenarios for how it plays out:

1. The zone the PTB triggered becomes a 15-30min wick and becomes support/resistance where price bounces/tests a few times (can scalp it several times if you're willing to trade the noise)
2. The PTB signals the pullback, it becomes a wick but then the pressure from the other side is too high and after a retrace, price continues through, breaks the wick and makes your trade into a loss if you were not smart to take profit during the retrace.
3. The zone becomes a pivot which isn't tested for the rest of the entire day and price runs away in the other direction. This is rarer, and might only happen when price hits 9.9 and continues to push and overextend (or when combined with a GTV).

It provides some pretty high probability trades with bigger lot sizes and smaller stop losses. I wouldn't recommend doing what I did with this account (full leveraging on some trades) since it was basically an experiment (albeit with real money, it wasn't a demo account) because that meant I had to be really cautious with some exits but it does allow for some fantastic trades at the end of the day.


Master of Mayhem
For those wondering, he/she? (sorry can't tell from your name) is basically using Mouse's system. This is how I started too and how I earned enough money to begin trading full-time. I started with 1k. Now I'm a lot more conservative, but it's how I started. If you have a very small amount and need to be aggressive, scalping is the way to go.
Thanks for the comments guys, glad you guys liked it.

Don't even get me started Mouse, I look at the % increase of starting at $150 and ending at $100k and it made me lose my sleep how much more money it would have been at the end if i had started with $1k even hahaha. A somewhat useless what if though since I would also have had to have the heart strength to do full leverage at $500k and up. Them $$ fluctuation per pip at that point would be pretty spooky.

Riffster brought it up with me I should show a drawdown/loss in more detail. Here, a stupid trade that set me back quite a bit early on:
Screen Shot 2021-04-02 at 01.52.57.png
Had 5 different entries around 87.400-500 for CADJP and kind of maxed out margin too early - especially for a yen pair - got margin called and forced position closure because it pushed all the way to 87.600 ish. And then price came back down hard. Yen pairs low key suck, their moves can be much more extended than other currency pairs, you have to be really patient to trade them. Full leveraging them is a fool's errand, as seen above.
Screen Shot 2021-04-02 at 01.53.23.png
The initial entries highlighted closed at barely above break even after all the $$ lost because I was like let me get out of this trade already PLEASE. Of course it continued down but at that point I was just glad to get out.


Igordennis1 Thanks so much for this post love it. Love all the data you've provided as well, its been so super helpful.
Great explanation as well thanks heaps. Do have a few questions for you if you don't mind?
1. Are you only taking the PBT 9.9 trades for entry?
2. Also you execute so many trades for 1 opportunity? Understand what you where saying about more than 1 sniper trade & get that, but was curious about why so many trades literally within seconds of each other?
Just so I can better understand your thinking.

Thanks heaps.