Forex Day Trading System - PBT + Currency Matrix


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In this video, I explain one of my favorite ways to find trades and it works regardless of market conditions. It can even be used around news releases as long as there aren't any massive price spikes (use with caution around news, but it does work). I've only had a few (less than 5%) losers in 2020 so far. The system is very accurate.

TradeVision2020 apps needed:

Currency Matrix Dashboard - PBT Data
Scalping Matrix Dashboard - Day Trader Data
ATR Matrix - 30M & 60M Data

Rules for the system:

1. Wait for both the PBT and one side of the corresponding currency pairs (base or quote) to reach +/- 9.9 on the Currency Matrix. Example: EURUSD - PBT = -9.9 and EUR = -9.9 or PBT = -9.9 and USD = +9.9, etc... To enter your trade, both the PBT and Currency Matrix need to reach +/- 9.9 at the same time. DO NOT ENTER EARLY.
2. WARNING: If both sides (both the base and quote) of a currency pair reach +/- 9.0, do NOT take the trade. We only want one side overextended.
3. Using a risk calculator, figure out the size of your lot. I suggest never risking more than 2% of your equity. Your stop is = to the 30M ATR for the pair you are trading. Set your lot size and prepare to enter your trade. For more on using a risk calculator, read the bottom of the page here:
4. When rule #1 is met, enter your trade in the opposite direction of the PBT data. Example: EURUSD - if PBT = -9.9, you would enter a buy/long trade, if PBT = +9.9, you would enter a sell/short trade.
5. Place your Stop and Limit orders. Stop = 30M ATR for the pair in pips. Limit = 60M ATR for the pair in pips.

This system provides roughly a 2:1 risk/reward and you should average about 85% winners at first and you'll get to better than 95% winners after your timing improves a bit. I love this system.

Please practice on a demo or micro account first. Have fun and happy trading!